Scholarship Guidelines

Scholastic Criteria

IAABO, the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Greater St. Louis/St. Charles Board 173, is an association of basketball officials. IAFO is the Interscholastic Association of Football Officials. Together, the organizations are dedicated to the education, training, and the development of officials, to maintaining the highest standards of officiating, and to encouraging the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. As part of its charitable activities the associations boards established these scholarships in order to support the young men and women in the schools we officiate, as they pursue their higher education. Please see the guidelines below and the application on the following pages, complete the application and return it to The IAABO-IAFO scholarship and selection committee will review each application and select scholarship recipients. All decisions are final. Thank you for participating.


Completed application must be returned to your guidance counselor by APRIL 4. Scholarship recipients will be notified in May of each calendar year for your senior awards night.


Any high school senior in a designated IAABO-IAFO school who is a US citizen is eligible.  Student must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average as of end of first semester senior year in order to apply. No members of the IAABO or IAFO Scholarship Committee or their families are eligible.


The following Standards will prevail:
Academics                GPA (Unweighted)                   100 points
Leadership               Honors/Awards                       100 points
                                   Employment                            100 points
                                   Community Service                 100 points
                                   Extracurricular Participation    100 points
Essay                                                                          200 points
Financial Need                                                          300 points
Overall Application                                                   100 points
Total                                                                         1,100 points
Note: All payments will be made directly to the college that the student attends to cover tuition and housing only. The student is responsible for any additional expenses. All awards are at the sole discretion of the IAABO-IAFO Scholarship Selection Committee and all decisions are final.

IAABO 173 College Scholarship Program