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This position is open. 

Mike Moehlenkamp

After coaching my sons in CYC basketball I began officiating CYC games about 20 years ago. I was encouraged to start officiating lower level high school ball. I joined IAABO 4 years ago and have enjoyed the experiences I had going through the ODP Program where I’ve learned a lot. I have been involved to the golf tournament and coaches vs cancer. I’m also proud of the fact that my oldest son Matt is also an IAABO official.  

Aaron Mitchell

Aaron is a member of IAABO.

Chris O'Dell

I started officiating in 2001 and joined IAABO in 2005. I've had the pleasure of working at the college level on both the men's and women's side. As a former player, I felt that officiating was a great way for me to stay close to the game I love. Getting selected to work district playoffs, district championships, sectional games and Missouri vs Illinois HS border war games has been a highlight but my favorite games every year are at the Special Olympics. Also in the past 2 years I've had the honor of working varsity level basketball with my Son, Collin.  I believe that IAABO 173 has a fantastic structured program for officials who want to get better. Plus, the generosity of IAABO officials is second to none.

IAABO 173 Board of Directors

Shanna Lonsberry

I became an IAABO official in 2014 after spending 10 years coaching girls basketball.  My career started in the IAABO Junior League and has extended to the high school, junior college and D-3 level.  

Growing up with basketball around me from a young age, I never thought officiating would become a passion of mine.  IAABO 173 has led me to many opportunities that have enriched my life.  From reffing Special Olympics, volunteering at our Coaches vs. Cancer tournament, graduating from the Officials Development Program to becoming a board member, this organization has grown myself personally and professionally!  I look forward to serving on the board and extending our IAABO family in the upcoming years!

Dominic Blesener

Dominic began officiating lower level basketball while still in High School in Minnesota in 1996.
After moving to St. Louis in 2006 he joined IAABO in 2007 and began working High School games.  Dominic was elected as a member of the Board in 2011 and has served as Chairman of the
Board during his entire tenure.  With a passion for not only improving himself, but also others within the
organization, Dominic was part of the of first graduating class of the IAABO Officials Development Program (ODP) and has served as a mentor to other officials since his graduation of the program in 2011.  Dominic has a strong belief in giving back to both the game and the local community and continually donates time and money to IAABO sponsored events such as Special Olympics, American Cancer Society, and the IAABO Scholarship Golf Outing.  Recent successes for Dominic include working his first District Championship game in 2010-11 season, began working for the AMC, SLIAC, and GRAC conferences for NCAA Women’s Basketball during the 2012-13 season, and worked his first ever Missouri Sectional game during the 2013-14 season.

Troy Mathis, Jr.

My name is Troy Mathis Jr.  I am 21 years and I have been officiating for four years. Officiating started  four years ago for me at St. Charles West High School making $20 a game.  To get my to start officiating was a struggle.  I wasn't the one for being yelled at, nor was I up for the players attitudes.  For six months I was just getting trained by my father and being just good enough to be a weekend referee.  But in June of 2012, two months after graduating high school everything changed.  I met my mentor by the name of Ed Crenshaw and since that day basketball has never been the same.  From that day on I have met many premier officials, traveled all across the country, and have gained knowledge from the best to every wear a lanyard.

I have been with IAABO for four years and remember working nothing but freshmen games. I learned a lot working those games. It has taught me to be patient with my whistle and how to officiate a regular season game.  Now four years later I am a Division 2 basketball official, who also works Division 3, NAIA, & Junior College basketball.  It feels great to be 21 and having been able to achieve this much in only a four year period.  I just remain humble and can't wait for the journey ahead of me.

Tom Zytko

Tom became a MSHSAA Official in 2002 and was introduced to IAABO by Mr. Bill Yoffie.  Tom started officiating Jr IAABO League and also became a Jr. IAABO Coach.  Tom has been involved with the Schedule Book committee, Official’s Development Program as a graduate and mentor, Jamboree Committee Co-Chair, Special Olympic Official and Coaches vs Cancer volunteer.   Tom was named Member of the Year along with his friend Bill Jennings in 2010.  Tom is most proud of this family and their involvement with IAABO.  Tom’s daughters, Shelby & Abbey volunteer at the Jamboree (Team Camp) and Coaches vs Cancer.  Tom’s son Sam and Shelby have both officiated Special Olympics alongside Tom and Tom’s wife Kathy is a Special Olympics Coach.  “IAABO 173 has improved me not only as an official, but as an active member of our community”